Improvisational Comedy Is Not Only Entertaining But Also Therapeutic

Want to find a show that will tickle your funny bone and make you laugh so hard it could make you burst at the seams? Try improvisational comedy that’s getting to be popular all over the clubs and bars. It is guaranteed to make you smile, snicker, giggle, laugh or guffaw like a cow until you cry. Comedy makes us laugh and when we are happy, we release a neurotransmitter called endorphin. This chemical substance is a natural pain reliever released by our body in response to emotional triggers and gives us a sense of well being as well as a natural “high”. The action is almost similar to the narcotic effects of morphine except that it is not addictive.

Improvisational comedy is spontaneous and does not have a definite structure or form. Comedians often take the cue from the reaction of the audience or their receptiveness to the idea. It is intended to tell something funny or amusing and is usually uninhibited using a lot of acting technique to inject humor and make light of a situation. It requires a lot of tricks and practice to be able to deliver the punch line at the most precise time by taking the audience in an emotional rollercoaster until it reaches the climax. That is the time you break the tether and they all drop down laughing.

Comedy is medicinal and is highly therapeutic. It can blow away the cobwebs in your mind and uplift your spirit when you are depressed or burdened with problems. Although it has never been solidly established as a special field in curative medicine, the effects of laughter on a person is immeasurable and people can attest that laughter is truly the best medicine. For this reason, comedy bars and stand-up comedy shows are doing brisk business everywhere and health gurus are holding laughter therapy to release the pent up emotions and tickle the ribs of the participants.

Comedy is very entertaining and healthy. It does not hurt anybody to take time out and enjoy a few laughs once in a while. It is very refreshing and people who frequent comedy bars will tell you that it really is amazing how good they feel after having a night out at the comedy bar.

Comedy shows can come in different forms. There are comedies intended for young audiences such as children and young adults during parties and special events such as school programs or campus fair where they hire clowns to perform and do improvisational comedy to entertain the people around. It fosters goodwill and improves socialization among the participants. Successful comedy shows are always a sell-out because people will always look forward to having a great time in a well orchestrated and produced comedy show. Some people even make it a career to work as comedians especially when they have a natural talent to talk and perform before an audience and make people laugh. It is an art that can be learned and practice and there are acting classes that have special lessons on improvisational comedy to teach actors the skills and techniques of doing comedy show.


Improve Your skills In Improvisational Comedy By Taking Lessons And Doing A Lot Of Practice

Life is a stage and every day we encounter both humor and drama as we go along with our daily activities. There are many instances that can serve as inspiration for improvisational comedy and if you are quick enough to pick up the idea, you can make a show out of it. That is how comedy started as a form of entertainment and eventually developed into a serious form of art. A good actor worth his salt will tell you that comedy is not that easy at all; it is as challenging as doing drama.   If you are aspiring to make a career out of comedy, you need to take lessons in acting and comedy schools to improve your skills in making people laugh.

The main goal of comedy is to be able to tickle the funny bone and make people laugh. It is a challenging job because not many people are prone to laugh easily. You have to learn the skills of breaking through the hard shell and getting them off guard so they will smile and laugh spontaneously. Timing is of the essence and it requires a lot of practice. You can polish up your jokes and your punch line in front of family members who are willing audience for your jokes until it becomes less corny and funnier.

Most of the time, jokes are more hilarious when accompanied by funny sounds and facial expressions. There are a lot of opportunities for you to practice your special sound effects or facial contortions alone in front of the bathroom mirror or while doing the household chores. Be sure other people inside the house know what you are up to otherwise they might think you are having a serious bout of “tic douloureux” and rush you to the hospital.

You can also get ideas from friends who share your love for comedy. You can spend the night out checking out comedy bars and clubs so you can pick up a few ideas and tricks from the performers. Improvisational comedy is very popular with young people and comedians usually pick up cues and suggestions from cooperative audience. It is spontaneous, natural and does not require scripts or prepared props to become funny. The dialogue springs from quick wit and an alert mind and that is why people are caught off guard and laugh without inhibitions.

You can also improve your performance by watching other people perform on stage, on television or the movie. Keep an eye on their body language and facial expressions and you will see just why they are so effective in being funny. Sometimes, a simple batting of the eyelashes or rolling of the eyes is enough to make you burst into laughter.

If you are serious in your desire to improve, read up on comedy or buy a good self-help book that contains tips and tricks for aspiring comedians. There are also websites that offer online classes for improvisational comedies where you can register and download the lessons immediately.